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Unibind Benefits

  • Visibility: Offers the opportunity to attract new customers thanks to professional presentation of your work.
  • Makes your work stand out thanks to the high level in presentation.
  • Saving time: does your work for you so you can save time and focus your attention on priority business.
  • User-friendly: everyone can operate it without training.
  • Lets you save time thanks to simultaneous binding of multiple documents.
  • Allows you to update and correct all your documents, you can easily add and remove pages.
  • Always ready for use as it automatically switches on and off so you won´t lose time.
  • Helps you save on unnecessary expenses because it has low power consumption and is free of maintenance.
  • Offers you certainly in firmly bound and perfectly presented documents.
  • A reliable choice thanks to over 30 years of experience in this sector.


     1.  It is harder to read on screen than on paper.
            The speed of reading is 25% slower on screen than on paper.
            This is one of the main reasons why people stop reading digital documents much sooner compared to the paper version. 
          —  They see the lack of speed as a barrier and simply close and delete the document.
            A document on screen gets 12 seconds of attention.
            The same document on paper holds the attention for almost 2 minutes.
     2.  Two main factors why people prefer to read on paper.
           The importance of a document: the more important it is, the higher the chance they will print it before reading.
          —  The length of a document: once a communication contains more than 2 pages, the majority prefers to read the paper version.


1.    Printed documents get 9 times more attention.
2.    Important matters require a printed presentation.


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